Maciej Kiewra

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The World Wide Web is the most popular area to which information retrieval and recommending systems are applied. The majority of techniques uses the Web site content and usage as a source of data. Nevertheless, modern Websites cooperate with more structured relational databases which can successfully enrich traditional approaches. In This work a new(More)
The paper describes RankFeed a new adaptive method of recommendation that benefits from similarities between searching and recommendation. Concepts such as: the initial ranking, the positive and negative feedback widely used in searching are applied to recommendation in order to enhance its coverage, maintaining high accuracy. There are four principal(More)
A method of iterative preferences discovering is presented in this paper. It is based on the vector space model and a fuzzy classification of the on-line user’s session to precalculated clusters. As a result, the preference vector is created. It measures the user’s willingness to see web pages, products in an e-commerce site, masterpieces in a virtual(More)
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