Maciej Karaszewski

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In this article, a method of merging point clouds using the modified Harris corner detection algorithm for extracting interest points of textured 3D point clouds is proposed. A new descriptor characterizing point features for identifying corresponding points in datasets is presented. The merging process is based on the Random Sample Consensus (RANSAC)(More)
In this paper, a process for high-resolution, automated 3D digitization of unknown objects (i.e., without any digital model) is presented. The process has two stages-the first leads to a coarse 3D digital model of the object, and the second obtains the final model. A rough model, acquired by a 3D measurement head with a large working volume and relatively(More)
This paper presents the outcome of research into the effects of ambient temperature changes on structured-light three-dimensional (3D) scanners. The tests were conducted in a thermal chamber and consisted of a comparison of the 3D measurement of a special reference unit (made of a carbon composite) performed at different temperatures, with measurements(More)
In this paper a fully automated 3D shape measurement and processing method is presented. It assumes that positioning of measurement head in relation to measured object can be realized by specialized computer-controlled manipulator. On the base of existing 3D scans, the proposed method calculates "next best view" position for measurement head. All 3D data(More)
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