Maciej Kalisiak

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The design of autonomous characters capable of planning their own motions continues to be a challenge for computer animation. We present a novel kinematic motion planning algorithm for character animation which addresses some of the outstanding problems. The problem domain for our algorithm is as follows: given a constrained environment with designated(More)
— Current motion planners, in general, can neither " see " the world around them, nor learn from experience. That is, their reliance on collision tests as the only means of sensing the environment yields a tactile, myopic perception of the world. Such short-sightedness greatly limits any potential for detection, learning, or reasoning about frequently(More)
— A numerical method is proposed for the constraint of the state of a dynamical system such that it cannot enter a predefined failure region. The proposed approach to this viability problem involves an explicit numerical approximation of a viability envelope, coupled with a practical strategy for enforcing containment that is based upon a predictive(More)
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