Maciej Kalisiak

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A numerical method is proposed for the constraint of the state of a dynamical system such that it cannot enter a predefined failure region. The proposed approach to this viability problem involves an explicit numerical approximation of a viability envelope, coupled with a practical strategy for enforcing containment that is based upon a predictive(More)
This paper proposes a new variation of the RRT planner which demonstrates good performance on both loosely-constrained and highly-constrained environments. The key to the planner is an implicit flood-fill-like mechanism, a technique that is well suited to escaping local minima in highly constrained problems. We show sample results for a variety of problems(More)
The design of autonomous characters capable of planning their own motions continues to be a challenge for computer animation. We present a novel kinematic motion planning algorithm for character animation which addresses some of the outstanding problems. The problem domain for our algorithm is as follows: given a constrained environment with designated(More)
Current motion planners, in general, can neither "see" the world around them, nor learn from experience. That is, their reliance on collision tests as the only means of sensing the environment yields a tactile, myopic perception of the world. Such short-sightedness greatly limits any potential for detection, learning, or reasoning about frequently(More)
A Grasp-based Motion Planning Algorithm for Intelligent Character Animation Maciej Kalisiak Master of Applied Science Graduate Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering University of Toronto 1999 The automated animation of human characters continues to be a challenge in computer graphics. We present a novel kinematic motion planning algorithm for(More)
Computer graphics (CG) and animation are reaching previously unparalleled levels. They are now virtually ubiquitous in most visual media; so much so that the general audience is starting to develop a blasé attitude towards them. For example, nowadays only the most extensive computer graphics and animation efforts in movies manage to draw any admiration from(More)
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