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One of the basic sanity properties of a behavioural semantics is that it constitutes a congruence with respect to standard process operators. This issue has been traditionally addressed by the development of rule formats for transition system specifications that define process algebras. In this paper we suggest a novel, orthogonal approach. Namely, we focus(More)
Dull, weak and nested solitaire games are important classes of parity games, capturing, among others, alternation-free µ-calculus and ECTL * model checking problems. These classes can be solved in polynomial time using dedicated algorithms. We investigate the complexity of Zielonka's Recursive algorithm for solving these special games, showing that the(More)
Inspired by the concept of a consistent correlation for Boolean equation systems, we introduce and study a novel relation, called consistent consequence. We show that it can be used as an approximation of the solution to an equation system. For the closed, simple and recursive fragment of equation systems we prove that it coincides with direct simulation(More)
We present a theory of abstraction for the framework of parameterised Boolean equation systems, a first-order fixpoint logic. Parameterised Boolean equation systems can be used to solve a variety of problems in verification. We study the capabilities of the abstraction theory by comparing it to an abstraction theory for Generalised Kripke modal Transition(More)