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Selected waste management scenarios were evaluated with regard to the goals of the Austrian Waste Management Act, taking into account long-term environmental protection and resource conservation as well as costs. Municipal solid waste (MSW) and sewage sludge have been chosen as the system inputs. The scenarios were compared to the status-quo scenario by(More)
Th e present study addresses one of the theoretical problems of computer-assisted authorship attri-bution, namely the question which traceable features of language can betray authorial uniqueness (a stylistic fi ngerprint) of literary texts. A number of recent approaches show that apart from lexical measures — especially those relying on the frequencies of(More)
In 2007, John Burrows identified three regions in word frequency lists of corpora in authorship attribution and stylometry. The first of these regions consists of the most frequent words, for which his Delta has become the best-known method of study. This is evidenced by a varied body of research with interesting modifications of the method (e.g. Argamon(More)
This software paper describes 'Stylometry with R' (stylo), a flexible R package for the high-level analysis of writing style in stylometry. Stylometry (computational stylistics) is concerned with the quantitative study of writing style, e.g. authorship verification, an application which has considerable potential in forensic contexts, as well as historical(More)