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From recent articles, we have learned that phages can constitute a promising alternative in the food industry to eliminate bacterial pathogens from seedlings in greenhouse and field environments, as well as from fresh-cut food products. The fruit and vegetable industry requires quite a different approach than the meat or dairy industry. Several factors can(More)
Members of the genus Klebsiella are among the leading microbial pathogens associated with nosocomial infection. The increased incidence of antimicrobial resistance in these species has propelled the need for alternate/combination therapeutic regimens to aid clinical treatment. Bacteriophage therapy forms one of these alternate strategies. Electron(More)
The aim of our investigation was to verify whether phage therapy (PT) can induce antiphage antibodies. The antiphage activity was determined in sera from 122 patients from the Phage Therapy Unit in Wrocław with bacterial infections before and during PT, and in sera from 30 healthy volunteers using a neutralization test. Furthermore, levels of antiphage(More)
Bacteriophages are viruses that infect bacteria. It was shown that bacteriophage therapy is an effective method of combating bacterial infections, including infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains. One of the main obstacles to widespread use of phage preparations is limited knowledge regarding the influence of bacteriophages on human(More)
Bacteriophages (phages), discovered 100 years ago, are able to infect and destroy only bacterial cells. In the current crisis of antibiotic efficacy, phage therapy is considered as a supplementary or even alternative therapeutic approach. Evolution of multidrug-resistant and pandrug-resistant bacterial strains poses a real threat, so it is extremely(More)
Intracellular killing of bacteria is one of the fundamental mechanisms against invading pathogens. Impaired intracellular killing of bacteria by phagocytes may be the reason of chronic infections and may be caused by antibiotics or substances that can be produced by some bacteria. Therefore, it was of great practical importance to examine whether phage(More)
BACKGROUND Bacteriophage therapy is considered one of the most attractive alternatives to antibiotic treatment, which may be significant due to the rising number of antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains. Patients with cancer frequently suffer bacterial infections resulting from immunosuppression caused by anticancer treatment; thus they constitute a(More)
Bacteriophages constitute a serious alternative to antibiotic therapy of bacterial infections. They are also extremely numerous entities: phages can be found in almost all places on Earth and are constantly present in human and animal bodies. Observations of the effect of therapeutic staphylococcal phages and their bacterial hosts on melanoma migration in(More)
In this study, we investigated the humoral immune response (through the release of IgG, IgA, and IgM antiphage antibodies) to a staphylococcal phage cocktail in patients undergoing experimental phage therapy at the Phage Therapy Unit, Medical Center of the Ludwik Hirszfeld Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy in Wrocław, Poland. We also(More)
The antibacterial activity of bacteriophages has been described rather well. However, knowledge about the direct interactions of bacteriophages with mammalian organisms and their other, i.e. non-antibacterial, activities in mammalian systems is quite scarce. It must be emphasised that bacteriophages are natural parasites of bacteria, which in turn are(More)