Machteld M. Mertens

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Zeolites play a crucial part in acid-base heterogeneous catalysis. Fundamental insight into their internal architecture is of great importance for understanding their structure-function relationships. Here, we report on a new approach correlating confocal fluorescence microscopy with focused ion beam-electron backscatter diffraction, transmission electron(More)
Microspectroscopic methods were explored to investigate binder effects occurring in ZSM-5-containing SiO2- and Al2O3-bound millimetre-sized extrudates. Using thiophene as a selective probe for Brønsted acidity, coupled with time-resolved in situ UV/Vis and confocal fluorescence microspectroscopy, variations in reactivity and selectivity between the two(More)
Optical absorption and confocal fluorescence micro-spectroscopy were applied to investigate Brønsted acidity in millimetre-sized extrudates of Na(H)-ZSM-5 and SiO2 with varying ZSM-5 content. Partially (residual Na present) and fully proton-exchanged extrudates were employed, using thiophene oligomerization as a probe reaction. Time-resolved in situ optical(More)
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