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Human parainfluenza type 2 virus (hPIV-2)-infected HeLa (HeLa-CA) cells and hPIV-2 V-expressing HeLa (HeLa-V) cells show high resistance to alpha/beta interferons (IFN-alpha/beta) irrespective of(More)
When human blood monocytes were cocultured with stromal cells derived from human giant cell tumor of bone (GCTSC) and a Millipore filter (0.4 microm) was interposed between monocytes and GCTSC,(More)
Fusion regulatory proteins (FRPs) are newly defined cell surface molecules that enhance and/or induce virus-mediated cell fusion. Anti-FRP-1 Abs reacted with all of the established cells derived from(More)
We cloned and sequenced the cDNAs against genomic RNAs and mRNAs for phosphoproteins (Ps) of human parainfluenza virus types 4A (PIV-4A) and 4B (PIV-4B). The PIV-4A and -4B P genes were 1535(More)