Machiel van der Bijl

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In model based testing test cases are derived from a model (the specification) of the system we want to test. In general the model is more abstract than the implementation. This may result in test cases that are not executable, because their actions are too abstract; the implementation does not understand them. The standard approach is to rewrite the model(More)
Component based testing concerns the integration of components which have already been tested separately. We show that, with certain restrictions, the ioco-test theory for conformance testing is suitable for component based testing, in the sense that the integration of fully conformant components is guaranteed to be correct. As a consequence, there is no(More)
This thesis is about model checking testing models. These testing models are used during the automated testing of software systems and encode symbolic transition systems that are necessarily open. Open models need to be closed before they can be model checked by LTSmin. The open models are closed by the automatic generation and insertion of an environment(More)
This paper describes three significant extensions for the Finite Domain solver of GNU Prolog. First, the solver now supports negative integers. Second, the solver detects and prevents integer overflows from occurring. Third, the internal representation of sparse domains has been redesigned to overcome its current limitations. The preliminary performance(More)