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Mgm101 Is a Rad52-related Protein Required for Mitochondrial DNA Recombination*
Background: The mechanisms of homologous recombination and recombinational repair of double-stranded DNA breaks in mitochondria are poorly understood. Results: The yeast mitochondrial nucleoidExpand
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A Properly Configured Ring Structure Is Critical for the Function of the Mitochondrial DNA Recombination Protein, Mgm101*
Background: The Rad52-type mitochondrial recombination protein Mgm101 forms large oligomeric rings, but its functional implication is poorly understood. Results: Mutations that either disassemble theExpand
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Preparation of the Mgm101 recombination protein by MBP-based tagging strategy.
The MGM101 gene was identified 20 years ago for its role in the maintenance of mitochondrial DNA. Studies from several groups have suggested that the Mgm101 protein is involved in the recombinationalExpand
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A short carboxyl-terminal tail is required for single-stranded DNA binding, higher-order structural organization, and stability of the mitochondrial single-stranded annealing protein Mgm101
Specific basic and aromatic amino acids in the C-terminal tail of Mgm101 play key roles in mediating ssDNA binding, stabilizing the oligomeric rings, and maintaining protein stability in vivo. TheExpand
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