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UNLABELLED PREMISE OF THE STUDY PCR amplification of DNA extracted from plants is sometimes difficult due to the presence of inhibitory compounds. An effective method to overcome the inhibitory effect of compounds that contaminate DNA from difficult plant specimens is needed. • METHODS AND RESULTS The effectiveness of a PCR additive reagent containing(More)
Gamochaeta (tribe Gnaphalieae, Asteraceae) is composed of ca. 60 species primarily distributed in tropical and subtropical America. Within the tribe Gnaphalieae, the genus is characterized by capitula arranged in spikes or head-like clusters, few hermaphroditic central florets, truncate style branches with apical sweeping trichomes, pappus bristles connate(More)
Figure 1. Sea surface height variability (cm) from a) the global 0.1 o tripole, b) the global 0.1 o dipole, and c) the AVISO altimeter data. CLIVAR is an international research programme dealing with climate variability and predictability on timescales from months to centuries. 2 Editorial Ocean models are tools for use in understanding and predicting the(More)
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