Mabrouka Hagui

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Gait is a recent important research field among the computer vision community. It aims identifying humans by analyzing their walk. It has different advantage comparing to others biometrics technologies such as face recognition, iris recognition and fingerprint. It can be performed at distance and without subject cooperation. Also, it doesn't need high(More)
Recently the use of video surveillance systems is widely increasing. Different places are equipped by camera surveillances such as hospitals, schools, airports, museums and military places in order to ensure the safety and security of the persons and their property. Therefore it becomes significant to guarantee the proper working of these systems.(More)
Falls are a common problem for old people. They can result in dangerous consequences even death. Therefore, automatic tools for fall detection using camera vision can be very useful for helping the elderly. These methods are based on analyzing extracted features. Different features are used such as vertical and horizontal gradient, motion history of image,(More)
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