Mabo Robert Ito

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A metaprogramming system is a programming facility (subprogramming system or language) whose basic data objects include the programs and program fragments of some particular programming language, known as the target language of the system. Such systems are designed to facilitate the writing of metaprograms, that is, programs about programs. Metaprograms(More)
Requirements specification notations are developed by organizations in order to meet their specific needs. For example, the Threads-Capabilities notation, an in house notation at Raytheon Systems Canada, Ltd., has been developed and used for specifying their complex, large scale, air traffic control systems. It is a semi-formal, structured, natural language(More)
One of the challenges of large-scale network simulations is the lack of scalable and realistic Internet topology generators. Previous topology generators are either not scalable to millions of nodes, or not able to capture characteristics of the Internet topology. In this work, we propose a topology generator which can generate accurate large-scale models(More)