Mabel Álvarez

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Spatial Data Infrastructure-Latin America and the Caribbean (SDI-LAC) is a regional, monthly, and free, electronic newsletter from the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association (GSDI). It focuses on aspects related with Spatial Data Infrastructure, and on GIS, remote sensing, and data management issues, related with SDI in Latin America and the(More)
The access of historians and document management specialists to documentary funds and old cartography is at times arduous due to the scattering of maps throughout different map libraries. Thus, it would be of interest to be able to access all available information remotely, following the Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) guidelines. DIGMAP is a cooperative(More)
During the last seven years several Argentinian national universities have offered (as part of their academic studies and programs) different undergraduate degrees under the denomination of technical degrees. The personal characteristics of their students are radically different from the traditional academic offer. Students learn by practicing and they(More)
Distributed cognition is a psychological theory which assumes that knowledge lies not only within the individual but also in the individual's social and physical environment. Today, we tend to achieve cognitive results by means of a sequence of complex and subtly interwoven interactions, using technological devices, and with the help of other, more(More)
NGcGM3 ganglioside is a tumor-specific antigen expressed in human breast tumors. The NGcGM3/VSSP vaccine, consisting in very small-sized proteoliposomes (VSSP) obtained by the incorporation of NGcGM3 into the outer membrane protein complex of Neisseria meningitidis, has been previously tested in a Phase II trial in patients with metastatic breast cancer(More)
This research aims at improving the management of learning and teaching process (LTP), more specifically observing the students' learning achievement and persistence, and teacher's interventions. To fulfill this purpose a Collaborative Management Model (CollMMod) has been defined during the last four years. In this paper we describe its main components(More)
Different authors from literature had argued that measures for ontologies can help: to select a suitable ontology for the user needs, to improve dynamic web service composition and to predict the completed system's overall quality. However, the majority of the ontologies' measures go no further than their definitions. We have compared a set of 51 measures(More)
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