Maarten van Wijhe

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BACKGROUND In the 20th century, childhood mortality decreased rapidly, and vaccination programmes are frequently suggested as a contributing factor. However, quantification of this contribution is subject to debate or absent. We present historical data from the Netherlands that allow us to quantify the reduction in childhood mortality burden for(More)
Difficult to diagnose pain in the orofacial area may be a challenge to the dental practitioner. There still is uncertainty about the taxonomy of chronic orofacial pain, and even more so about its etiology. Treatment of chronic orofacial pain may aim at goals which are set in advance, but also at the underlying pain mechanisms. The disentanglement of pain(More)
BACKGROUND There are few estimates of the effectiveness of long-standing vaccination programs in developed countries. To fill this gap, we investigate the direct and indirect effectiveness of childhood vaccination programs on mortality at the population level in the Netherlands. METHODS We focused on three communicable infectious diseases, diphtheria,(More)
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