Maarten van Someren

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ion: Especially computational procedural models require very much detail. This leads to very complex models. One method to deal with this complexity is to define layers of abstraction. As we shall discuss in the next chapter languages for procedural models allow the definition of layers of abstraction. For example, a complex process can be defined as a(More)
The increasing availability of (digital) cultural heritage artefacts offers great potential for increased access to art content, but also necessitates tools to help users deal with such abundance of information. User-adaptive art recommender systems aim to present their users with art content tailored to their interests. These systems try to adapt to the(More)
Finding information on a large web site can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Recommender systems can help users find information by providing them with personalized suggestions. In this paper the recommender system PRES is described that uses content-based filtering techniques to suggest small articles about home improvements. A domain such as(More)
Periods of relatively stable, rule-like behavior alternated with short transition periods characterize cognitive development on reasoning tasks like the balance scale task. Each transition gives rise to an improvement in behavior, until a phase is reached in which performance is flawless or improvement is not worthwhile given the necessary extra effort.(More)
1 Institute of Information Systems, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany. 2 Chair of Knowledge & Data Engineering, University of Kassel, Germany, {hotho, stumme} 3 Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 4 Social Science Informatics, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands,(More)
Bridging the gap between low-level features and semantics is a problem commonly acknowledged in the Multimedia community. Event modeling can fill the gap. In this paper we present the Simple Event Model (SEM) and its application in a Maritime Safety and Security use case about Situational Awareness. We show how we abstract over low-level features, recognize(More)
In this document we describe our approach to a specific subtask of ontology population, the extraction of instances of relations. We present a generic approach with which we are able to extract information from documents on the Web. The method exploits redundancy of information to compensate for loss of precision caused by the use of domain independent(More)
The goal of one type of recommenders is to minimize the number of clicks users need to reach the information they are looking for. Recommenders typically estimate the probability that pages contain the user’s target information and provide the user with links to the most promising pages. In this paper we show that this greedy strategy can lead to(More)
The terminology of Machine Learning and Data Mining methods does not always allow a simple match between practical problems and methods. While some problems look similar from the user’s point of view, but require different methods to be solved, some others look very different, yet they can be solved by applying the same methods and tools. Choosing(More)