Maarten van Riemsdijk

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Objective: To study the neuro-psychiatric adverse effects of antimalarial drugs. Setting: Persons who visited a Travel Clinic in Rotterdam over a period of 3 months. Design: Prospective cohort study on 394 persons taking mefloquine, 493 persons taking proguanil and 340 persons not taking antimalarial drugs who visited Africa, South America, Asia, or the(More)
Abstract Introduction. It has been suggested that neuropsychiatric events during use of mefloquine are more common in females than in males and are partly explained by the psychological stress of travelling. Therefore, we investigated neuropsychiatric events in females and males on mefloquine in the 3-week prophylactic period that precedes travelling.(More)
In this chapter, we conceptualize the implementation process associated with SAP_HR as an experiential learning one (Kolb, 1984), and analyze qualitative data collected using discourse analysis during a sixmonth case study. We saw that a lack of communication plus misunderstandings between the different parties involved in the project led to mistakes in(More)
One of the latest tendencies in the organisational change theory and practice is implementing eideas: e-business, e-commerce, e-library, e-learning, and since not long ago – e-HRM. Software engineers design information technologies (IT) to support HR processes, marketing specialists insist that those ITs provide a wonderful opportunity for the(More)
From a very centralistic and collectivistic tradition after World War Two, Dutch employment relations now show a trend towards radical decentralisation and individualisation. What might be the consequences of this trend for labour relations? Do developments still ® t within a movement towards ̀ organised decentralisation’or will the existing system of(More)
This paper describes a series of experiments conducted within the context of a course on organisational theory which is taught at the Department of Management Sciences at the University of Twente. In 1997 a group-based learning approach was adopted but after the first year it was apparent that acquisition and application of theory by student groups was(More)
Von mir vorgenommene Versuche fiber die Widers tandsfghigkei t der D.-B. gegen Aus t rocknung (an Metallen, t to lzar ten , Stoffen usw.) haben gezeigt, dab dieselben schon in 1/2 S tunde da ran absterben. Dabei dr~ngte sieh mir folgende ffir die Praxis wichtige Frage auf: Wie s teht es m i t der Lebensf~higkeit der D.-B. am W a t t e n t u p f e r ? Es ist(More)
Introduction: The increase in international travelling from temperate zones to tropical countries and increasing drug resistance of Plasmodium falciparum has resulted in a growing number of travellers that are at risk for contracting malaria. The objective of this study was to obtain insight into dispensing patterns of malaria chemoprophylaxis and to(More)
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