Maarten van Duren

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Proembryogenic calli were initiated from basal leaf sheaths and rhizome tissue on modified Schenk and Hildebrandt (SH) medium with 30 μM 3,6–dichloro–2–meth–oxybenzoic acid (Dicamba). Cell suspensions were maintained in half–strength Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium supplemented with 20 μM Dicamba. The development of somatic embryos was promoted in cell(More)
Flow cytometry and stomata characteristics were used for screening ploidy levels in a large population of in vitro induced autopolyploids of the Musa acuminata breeding clone SH-3362. Culturing shoot tips in liquid medium stipplemented both with 5.0 mM colchicine for 48 hours or 30 μM oryzalin (3,5-dinitro-N4,N-dipropylsulphate) for seven days, both in(More)
The diploid (2C) amount of DNA in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) is 1.67 picograms (pg) per cell nucleus. This value corresponds to 772 mega-base pairs in the haploid genome. The size of the nuclear genome in cassava is very small in comparison with other Angiosperms. Flow cytometry techniques were used to screen ploidy levels in a large population of(More)
Doubled haploids have long been recognized as a valuable tool in plant breeding since it not only offers the quickest method of advancing heterozygous breeding lines to homozygosity, but also increases the selection efficiency over conventional procedures due to better discrimination between genotypes within any one generation. Ten cultivars of japonica(More)
In southern and south-western Ethiopia, Ensete ventricosum is grown as an important starchy, staple food crop, supporting the diet of a quarter of the Ethiopian population. Due to difficulty in germinating seeds and the long vegetative period, breeding enset is extremely difficult. Adventitious buds and somatic embryos have been induced from callus derived(More)
Flow cytometric analysis of nuclear DNA content was performed by using nuclei isolated from young leaf tissue of tef (Eragrostis tef). The method was very useful for rapid screening of ploidy levels in cultivars and lines of tef representing the phenotypic variability of this species in Ethiopia. The results of the analysis showed that all cultivars were(More)
In this research we use previously seen data and weekly forecasts of sales and customers, to predict the amount of workforce required in a retail store. The data set contains a difficulty, the target values for observations are latent. We do however have aggregated target values and know that these targets are a sum of the latent values. We assume retailers(More)
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