Maarten W. Gribnau

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In this paper, we describe the design and evaluation of an interface for 3D object assembly that can be operated with either one or two hands. The justification for applying two-handed input is evaluated by studying the results of an experiment in which the performance of single-and two-handed operation are compared. Performance is established using the(More)
The paper presents the " Turntable " , a 3D input device for orienting objects using the non-dominant hand. The device supports two-handed manipulation by allowing the non-dominant hand to orient an object while leaving the dominant hand free to perform other actions. Two-handed input is a technique that can enhance the performance, simplicity and(More)
About the authors... Tom Djajadiningrat ( is an industrial designer interested in products and computers which are intuitive in use. When not trying to convince others that he will now finish his PhD thesis on interfaces using head-tracked displays 'really soon', or hassling Maarten and the QuickDraw 3D mailing list with(More)
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About the authors... Maarten Gribnau ( is an electrical engineer interested in Computer Graphics and Interaction Design. During his PhD project on two-handed input for 3D modeling application he has become a master at keeping birds flying in a flock. He occasionally baby-sits Tom's birds while Tom is out chasing his herd of(More)
Simple intuitive manipulation of three-dimensional objects is needed for the conceptualizing phase of design. Present CAD systems do not allow for the quick and interactive generation and development of objects, which are based more on free-form ideas than on hard numerical input. This video presents a prototype envisiomnent that uses intuitive 3D sketch(More)
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