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  • J J T H De Best, M J G Van De Molengraft, M Steinbuch
  • 2009
— The research described in this paper focusses on direct dynamic visual servoing. A mechanical system is controlled on the basis of vision only. Therefore, with respect to the kinematic visual servoing approaches, we do not use a hierarchical control structure. More specifically, the motor inputs are driven directly by the vision controller without the(More)
— The design of a CACC system and corresponding experiments are presented. The design targets string stable system behavior, which is assessed using a frequency-domain-based approach. Following this approach, it is shown that the available wireless information enables small inter-vehicle distances, while maintaining string stable behavior. The theoretical(More)
—This paper presents a frequency domain identification of dynamic model parameters for frictional presliding behavior. The identification procedure for the dynamic model parameters, i.e., 1) the stiffness and 2) the damping of the pres-liding phenomenon, is reduced from performing several dedicated experiments to one experiment where the system is excited(More)
— In this paper, we focus on improving contour tracking in precision motion control (PMC) applications through the use of Cross-Coupled Iterative Learning Control (CCILC). Initially, the relationship between individual axis errors and contour error is discussed, including insights into the different reasons for implementing CCILC versus individual axis ILC.(More)