Maarten Steinbuch

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In the near future, a significant increase in electric power consumption in vehicles is expected. To limit the associated increase in fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, smart strategies for the generation, storage/retrieval, distribution, and consumption of electric power will be used. Inspired by the research on energy management for hybrid electric(More)
The design of a CACC system and corresponding experiments are presented. The design targets string stable system behavior, which is assessed using a frequency-domain-based approach. Following this approach, it is shown that the available wireless information enables small inter-vehicle distances, while maintaining string stable behavior. The theoretical(More)
Ind~~strial feedback motion controllers are hmed using inanual loopshaping, according to certain design r~des. This controller tuning serves as a benchmark for robust control research as applied to optical and magnetic disk drive storage systems. The design and implementation of robz~st controllers for the focus servo of a compact disk and the tmcking servo(More)
Repetitive control is useful if periodic disturbances or setpoints act on a control system. Perfect (asymptotic) disturbance rejection is achieved if the period time is exactly known. The improved disturbance rejection at the periodic frequency and its harmonics is achieved at the expense of a degraded system sensitivity at intermediate frequencies. A(More)
This paper proposes a design method for the energy management strategy to explore the potential fuel saving of a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) equipped with an automated manual transmission. The control algorithm is developed based on the combination of dynamic programming (DP) and Pontryagin’s minimum principle (PMP) to optimally control the discrete(More)
Unfalsified Control is a data-driven, plant-model-free controller design method, which recursively falsifies controllers that fail to meet the specified performance requirement. In Ellipsoidal Unfalsified Control, the region of controllers that are unfalsified, the Unfalsified set, is described by an ellipsoid. Due to the combination of the performance(More)