Maarten Smies

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Limited awareness of environmental remote sensing’s potential ability to support environmental policy development constrains the technology’s utilization. This paper reviews the potential of earth observation from the perspective of environmental policy. A literature review of “remote sensing and policy” revealed that while the number of publications in(More)
Macrobenthic fauna was sampled in inland waters with unstable environmental parameters in the SW Netherlands. The distribution of 23 species of aquatic oligochaetes was related to chlorinity. Oligochaetes and other macrofaunal taxa were grouped by cluster analysis. Brackish-marine oligochaetes appeared to have a similarly large tolerance for chlorinity(More)
  • M Smies
  • Ecotoxicology and environmental safety
  • 1983
Microecosystems (any multispecies system with at least two trophic levels and its abiotic surroundings, (partly) enclosed by artificial boundaries for the purpose of research) differ from natural ecosystems by reason of enclosure and scale. Their application to environmental toxicology has been of interest where fate and behavior of contaminants markedly(More)
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