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Preface In my Master Thesis I describe research performed at IKAT (Institute for Knowledge and Agent Technology) of the Universeit Maastricht. The subject of this study is solving the game of FanoRona. To me, the study of board games is challenging since I believe (1) that many situations in the real world are translatable to a board-game position, and (2)(More)
1. Introdcution Solving a game is an exciting task; there, game solvers are looking for new achievements in research. In the last 25 years quite some games have been solved [van den Herik et al. (2002)]. Here solving means that the program is always able to achieve the best (i.e., game-theoretic) value independent of the opponent. This is called weakly(More)
This paper deals with the optimization of the flow of sterile instruments in hospitals which takes place between the sterilization department and the operating theatre. This topic is especially of interest in view of the current attempts of hospitals to cut cost by outsourcing sterilization tasks. Oftentimes, outsourcing implies placing the sterilization(More)
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