Maarten Lont

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—In this paper analytical models of the energy consumption are presented which uses a real world radio model with two different low power modes. This model is used to compare energy consumption of different MAC protocols. The MAC protocols used for the comparison are chosen with sensor networks is mind. The energy consumption of the nodes in a sensor(More)
—According to the well-known Friis equation the available power gain should be maximized to reduce the overall noise figure. Therefore, in receivers where an LNA is not present or its gain is low, the available power gain of the passive mixer is of interest. However, only the voltage gain is presented in many papers. In this paper an analytical model is(More)
NDE in an in-service situation is used as a basis for integrity management as well as planning of future and maintenance actions. In such an environment it is of paramount importance that the performance level of the NDT method(s) used in terms of Probability Of Detection (POD) is known. It is widely acknowledged that there is no such thing as 'THE POD' of(More)