Maarten Lipmann

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In the cake cutting problem, <i>n</i> &#8805; 2 players want to cut a cake into <i>n</i> pieces so that every player gets a "fair" share of the cake by his own measure. We describe a protocol with <i>n</i> - 1 cuts in which each player can enforce to get a share of at least 1/(2<i>n</i> - 2) of the cake. Moreover we show that no protocol with <i>n</i> - 1(More)
In on-line dial-a-ride problems, servers are traveling in some metric space to serve requests for rides which are presented over time. Each ride is characterized by two points in the metric space, a source, the starting point of the ride, and a destination, the end point of the ride. Usually it is assumed that at the release of a request complete(More)
In the online dial-a-ride problem (OlDarp), objects must be transported by a server between points in a metric space. Transportation requests (" rides ") arrive online, specifying the objects to be transported and the corresponding source and destination. We investigate the OlDarp for the objective of minimizing the maximum flow time. It has been well known(More)
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