Maarten Janssen

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The paper seeks to offer [1] an explication of a concept of economics imperialism, focusing on its epistemic aspects; and [2] criteria for its normative assessment. In regard to [1], the defining notion is that of explanatory unification across disciplinary boundary. As to [2], three kinds of constraints are proposed. An ontological constraint requires an(More)
This article shows the use of lexical functions in the MorDebe lexical database system. Lexical functions are used in MorDebe to bridge the gap between derivation and inflection – to model relations between word-forms that are derivational from one perspective but inflectional from another. However, lexical functions in MorDebe range over lemmas rather than(More)
The idea that dictionaries are a good source for (computational) information has been around for a long while, and the extraction of taxonomic information from them is something that has been attempted several times. However, such information extraction was typically based on the systematic analysis of the text of a single dictionary. In this paper, we(More)
A large variety of markets, such as retail markets for gasoline or mortgage markets, are characterized by a small number of firms offering a fairly homogenous product at virtually the same cost, while consumers, being uninformed about this cost, sequentially search for low prices. The present paper provides a theoretical examination of this type of market ,(More)
One of the major obstacles in deploying spoken language technologies (SLTs) in the developing world is a lack of key linguistic resources – e.g. electronic dictionaries, phonetically aligned corpora, pronunciation lexicons, etc. – that describe the non-dominant varieties spoken in such countries and regions. In this paper, we describe the work of the LUPo(More)