Maarten-Jan Kallen

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The process industry is increasingly making use of Risk Based Inspection (RBI) techniques to develop cost and/or safety optimal inspection plans. This paper proposes an adaptive Bayesian decision model to determine these optimal inspection plans under uncertain deterioration. It uses the gamma stochastic process to model the corrosion damage mechanism and(More)
In the evaluation of structural reliability, a failure is deened as the event in which stress exceeds a resistance that is liable to deterioration. This paper presents a method to combine the two stochastic processes of deteriorating resistance and uctuating load for computing the time-dependent reliability of a structural component. The deterioration(More)
In structural engineering, a distinction can be made between a structure's resistance and its stress. A failure may then be defined as the event in which—due to deterioration—the resistance drops below the stress. This paper proposes a method to combine the two stochastic processes of deteriorating resistance and fluctuating load for computing the(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the effects of social support on comprehension and recall of consent form information in a study of Parkinson disease patients and their caregivers. DESIGN AND METHODS Comparison of comprehension and recall outcomes among participants who read and signed the consent form accompanied by a family member/friend versus those of(More)
The focus of this paper is on the statistical estimation of parameters in various types of continuous-time Markov processes using bridge condition data in the Netherlands. The parameters in these processes are transition intensities between discrete condition states. These intensities may depend on the current state and on the age of the structure. The(More)
Infrastructures in the Netherlands are rated according to a discrete condition scheme and the results are registered in an extensive database. The paper discusses the application of a continuous-time Markov process for modelling deterioration and introduces new results for optimizing periodic inspections and preventive maintenance. The focus of this(More)
Cost functions, associated with the gamma process for modelling deterioration, are extended to include multiple failure modes. The application of these cost functions is demonstrated by an example in the process industry. We consider an elbow in a pipeline, which is susceptible to thinning due to corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. The optimal(More)
INTRODUCTION The quality of life in neurological disorders (Neuro-QoL) measurement system is a 470-item compilation of health-related quality of life domains for adults and children with neurological disorders. It was developed and cognitively debriefed in English and Spanish, with general population and clinical samples in the USA. This paper describes the(More)