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Objective—“Cerebellar mutis” and subsequent dysarthria (MSD) is a documented complication of posterior fossa surgery in children. In this prospective study the following risk factors for MSD were assessed: type, size and site of the tumour; hydrocephalus at presentation and after surgery, cerebellar incision site, postoperative infection, and cerebellar(More)
PURPOSE To retrospectively compare thin-section computed tomographic (CT) scores obtained with five scoring systems for assessment of pulmonary disease in children with cystic fibrosis and to determine additional value of bronchial and arterial dimension measurements. MATERIALS AND METHODS Scores obtained with five thin-section CT scoring systems were(More)
For effective clinical management of cystic fibrosis (CF) lung disease it is important to closely monitor the start and progression of lung damage. The aim of this study was to investigate the ability of high-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) scoring systems and pulmonary function tests (PFT) to detect changes in lung disease. CF children (n=48) had two(More)
We have evaluated the applicability of a new Digital X-ray Radiogrammetry (DXR) system in a Dutch Caucasian pediatric population. For this study we enrolled 535 healthy participants who all signed an informed consent form. In addition, 20 children suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and juvenile chronic arthritis (JCA) were enrolled. Radiographs(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Hyperintensities on T2-weighted images are seen in the brains of most patients with neurofibromatosis type I (NF-1), but the origin of these unidentified bright objects (UBOs) remains obscure. In the current study, we examined the diffusion characteristics of brain tissue in children with NF-1 to test the hypothesis that a(More)
PURPOSE To prospectively study cognitive deficits and predictors 3 years after diagnosis in a large series of pediatric patients treated for pilocytic astrocytoma (PA). PATIENTS AND METHODS Sixty-one of 67 children were grouped according to infratentorial, supratentorial midline, and supratentorial hemispheric site. Intelligence, memory, attention,(More)
BACKGROUND Premature birth and intrauterine growth restriction may increase the risk of developing renal disease at adult age. Renal function may already be impaired at young adult age. STUDY DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING & PARTICIPANTS Very premature individuals (gestational age < 32 weeks) recruited from Project on Premature and Small for(More)
To evaluate feasibility and diagnostic quality of ultra-short TR/TE two-dimensional (2D) steady state free precession (SSFP) MRI for cystic fibrosis (CF) patients. We performed lung MRI at 1.5 Tesla in 20 CF-patients (6-17 years, 12 males). Axial, coronal, and sagittal sections were acquired in inspiration and expiration with maximum breath-hold time 10 s.(More)
PURPOSE To assess whether chest computed tomography (CT) scores from ultra-low-dose end-expiratory scans alone could suffice for assessment of all cystic fibrosis (CF)-related structural lung abnormalities. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this institutional review board-approved study, 20 patients with CF aged 6-20 years (eight males, 12 females) underwent(More)
Anatomical studies suggest that normal lungs grow by rapid alveolar addition until about 2 yrs of age followed by a gradual increase in alveolar dimensions. The aim of this study was to examine the hypothesis that normal lung growth can be monitored by computed tomography (CT). Therefore, the gas volume per gram of lung tissue was estimated from(More)