Maarten F. C. M. Knapen

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Glutathione and glutathione-related enzymes are pivotal for the normal functioning of several important biological processes in humans. Glutathione and glutathione-related enzymes are involved in the metabolism and detoxification of cytotoxic and carcinogenic compounds as well as reactive oxygen species. The role of reactive oxygen species in reproduction(More)
To evaluate the diagnostic value of single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) array testing in 1033 fetuses with ultrasound anomalies we investigated the prevalence and genetic nature of pathogenic findings. We reclassified all pathogenic findings into three categories: causative findings; unexpected diagnoses (UD); and susceptibility loci (SL) for(More)
We have investigated whether replacing conventional karyotyping by SNP array analysis in cases of foetal ultrasound abnormalities would increase the diagnostic yield and speed of prenatal diagnosis in clinical practice. From May 2009 till June 2011 we performed HumanCytoSNP-12 array (HCS) ( ) analysis in 207 cases of foetal(More)
Acrocallosal syndrome is characterized by postaxial polydactyly, macrocephaly, agenesis of the corpus callosum, and severe developmental delay. In a few patients with this disorder, a mutation in the KIF7 gene has been reported, which was associated with impaired GLI3 processing and dysregulaton of GLI3 transcription factors. A single patient with(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the role of specific macrophage subpopulations in the development of zymosan-induced multiple-organ dysfunction syndrome by selective elimination of liver, splenic, alveolar, and peritoneal macrophages. DESIGN Randomized animal trial. SETTING Central animal laboratory at the University Hospital Nijmegen, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the levels of glutathione, glutathione S-transferase A1-1, and glutathione S-transferase P1-1 in seminal fluid of fertile and subfertile men. DESIGN Retrospective case-control study. SETTING Departments of gastroenterology, obstetrics and gynecology, and epidemiology and biostatistics in a university medical center. PATIENT(S)(More)
Pre-eclampsia is a major complication of pregnancy with high morbidity and mortality rates. The aetiology is still unclear but impaired detoxification or enhanced levels of reactive (oxygen) metabolites may contribute to the development or maintenance of pre-eclampsia. Glutathione and glutathione-related enzymes, as one of the major detoxificating and(More)
Genomic array detects more pathogenic chromosome aberrations than conventional karyotyping (CK), including genetic variants associated with a susceptibility for neurodevelopmental disorders; susceptibility loci (SL). Consensus regarding the scope of invasive prenatal diagnosis (PND) pregnant couples should be offered is lacking. This study examined pregnant(More)
Thoracic aortic aneurysm and dissection (TAAD) are associated with connective tissue disorders like Marfan syndrome and Loeys-Dietz syndrome, caused by mutations in the fibrillin-1, the TGFβ-receptor 1- and -2 genes, the SMAD3 and TGFβ2 genes, but have also been ascribed to ACTA2 gene mutations in adults, spread throughout the gene. We report on a novel de(More)