Maarten E Bodegom

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BACKGROUND AND METHOD Techniques for autologous repair of abdominal wall defects that could not be closed primarily are reviewed. Medline and PubMed were searched for English or German publications using the following keywords: components separation technique (CST), Ramirez, da Silva, fascia lata, tensor fasciae latae, latissimus dorsi, rectus femoris,(More)
BACKGROUND The use of intra-peritoneal polypropylene mesh (PPM) to repair incisional hernia carries the risk of adhesions and damage to the intra-abdominal viscera. Polyglactin 910 mesh (PGM) is advocated to avoid contact between PPM and the intra-abdominal viscera. An experimental study in rats was performed to determine if interposition of a resorbable(More)
Presacral venous hemorrhage is a severe complication in low rectal surgery. This complication was encountered in 5 of 165 patients (3 percent) who underwent a presacral dissection for rectal mobilization. Conventional hemostatic measures often are ineffective to arrest this hemorrhage, and a number of alternative hemostatic techniques have been proposed. We(More)
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