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AIMS Phenotypic and molecular methods were used to identify and compare the strain composition of three industrial dairy starters used for the manufacture of viili. METHODS AND RESULTS Preliminary differentiation was made by phenotypic methods. Genotypic differentiation was carried out using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and further characterization at(More)
Trypanosomatid flagellates are common protozoan gut parasites of a wide range of insect species. Water striders (Gerridae) harbour the trypanosomatid Blastocrithidia gerridis. Three different populations of the water strider Gerris odontogaster in northern Sweden were sampled to assess the infection rate dynamics of trypanosomatids. The initially very low(More)
Fresh vegetables may be contaminated by pathogens in different ways after harvest. Pathogenic microorganisms associated with fresh vegetables can cause severe outbreaks of foodborne disease. We discuss here the results of microbiological analysis of carrot samples, as well as of washing, processing, and wastewater samples. Washed, unpeeled carrots generally(More)
Mesophilic starter cultures used in dairy industry have been traditionally characterised by metabolic and biochemical methods. As closely related species of lactic acid bacteria have often only minor differences in phenotypic traits, which may also be variable within certain species, clear identification is often complicated. Therefore, techniques of(More)
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