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Modern large new product developments (NPD) are typically characterized by many uncertainties and frequent changes. Often the embedded software development projects working on such products face many problems compared to traditional, placid project environments. One of the major project management decisions is then the selection of the project's software(More)
Organizations developing software have increasing interest towards deployment of agile methods. However, there is a problem in scaling up scrum and other agile methods, since these were originally meant for individual team scope. It is not enough to deploy agile methods only on the team level - because of the dependencies that teams have between each other(More)
The Agile Manifesto and Agile Principles are typically referred to as the definitions of "agile" and "agility". There is research on agile values and agile practises, but how should " Scaled Agility " be defined, and what might be the characteristics and principles of Scaled Agile? This paper examines the characteristics of scaled agile, and the principles(More)
Enterprises that approach uncertainty and risk in software development based on lean and agile methods [1] often do experience financial planning of projects as a restriction. Traditional budgeting and cost reporting is a system based on rigid frames, and it – along with the process of project cost accounting – burdens the lean and agile enterprise with(More)
Agile methods provided a revolution in how projects are managed and executed. Companies strive to adopt agile methods on all levels of their organizations. Yet Agile Portfolio Management is a new topic in research, and only few experience reports exist so far on how companies have taken Agile Portfolio Management into use. This paper fills the gap by(More)
There has been a request to publish more research results on business impacts of agile adoption in software team. This is an empirical study done in one Fortune 500 company where agility was adopted while the team was working on in order to deliver a product consisting of responsive web design. The adoption resulted in Pragmatic Agile approach, where the(More)