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OBJECTIVE Human resistin has been linked to several inflammatory diseases such as atherosclerosis. This study aimed to clarify the expression of resistin in different inflammatory cells and its effect on endothelial cells. RESULTS In this study, RNA and protein expression of resistin were detected in human primary neutrophils, monocytes, and T cells as(More)
It has been proposed that fetal exposure to environmental stressors, such as undernutrition, during critical periods of development may lead to adaptations that permanently change the structure and function of the body. These adaptations may be important for immediate survival during fetal development, but can predispose to disease in later life. We(More)
Replicative DNA polymerases (pols) synthesize chromosomal DNA with high accuracy and speed during cell division. In eukaryotes the process involves three family B pols (α, δ, ε), whereas in Archaea, two types of pols, families B and D, are involved. In this study the B-subunits of replicative pols were analysed at the DNA, RNA and protein levels. By cloning(More)
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