Maarit Arvaja

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  • M Arvaja, M Lehtinen, P Koskela, M Lappalainen, J Paavonen, T Vesikari
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • 1999
OBJECTIVE Serological evaluation of herpes simplex virus infections during pregnancy. METHODS 2991 serum samples were obtained during 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester from 997 pregnant women. Baculovirus expressed glycoproteins gG1 (HSV-1) and gG2 (HSV-2) were used as antigens in ELISA for HSV-1 and HSV-2 IgG and IgA antibodies. RESULTS The prevalence of(More)
Computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) is a complex phenomenon and is often difficult to realize in authentic educational settings (e.g., Häkkinen, Arvaja, & Mäkitalo, 2004). It is evident that successful collaboration is not a spontaneous phenomenon. Earlier studies on collaborative interaction in CSCL environments have reported several problems(More)
A novel set of primers for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) which amplified the portion of US6 sequence coding for the main type-common neutralizing epitope of glycoprotein D (gD) was used for detection of herpes simplex virus (HSV) DNA in 44 cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples from 29 patients with clinical symptoms of viral meningitis or meningoencephalitis.(More)
thinking itself would fade away over time if it were not constantly regrounded at a very concrete and embodied level. Ackerman also analyses the virtues of social virtual environments, such as MUDs. A MUD is a role-play game in which players, in anonymous interaction, can choose a role as close to or as far from their everyday selves as they wish. In MUDs,(More)
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