Maan M. Shaker

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This study was conducted to evaluate the sexual performance of 10-month-old, ram lambs of different breed groups. Eight ram lambs each of Awassi (A), F1 Charollais × Awassi (CA) and F1 Romanov × Awassi (RA) breed types were subjected to sexual performance tests by being individually exposed to two oestrous Awassi ewe lambs for four 20-min periods. Bouts of(More)
An armature voltage control is used to control the supplied voltage of an armature of a 2 kW separately excited DC motor. A buck regulator is used to vary the supplied voltage of the motor. A pulse width modulation (PWM) generator is implemented to supply the signal to the gate of the switch of the buck regulator. A series or cascade compensator is placed(More)
A design and implementation of computer network-based robotic system using HTML language and CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts is carried out. The system implemented networks may be either a simple wired LAN or wireless LAN or upgrade network to the Internet. The importance of such a system may arise in industrial applications controlled by remote(More)
This paper presents a dynamic reconfigurable matched compression filter circuit using the new technology of Field Programmable Analog Arrays (FPAAs). Due to the implementation of FPAA matched filters for impulse compression, there is no necessity of synchronization for the coherent detection in the receiver. Chirp signals were implemented through pulse(More)
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