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—Product codes are powerful codes that can be used to correct errors or recover erasures. The simplest form of a product code is that where every row and every column is terminated by a single parity bit, referred to as single parity check (SPC) product code. This code has a minimum distance of four and is thus guaranteed to recover all single, double, and(More)
Reliability and throughput are two important aspects of data communication systems.Various error control strategies such as FEC, ARQ, and hybrid ARQ schemes can be used to enhance system performance.For time-varying channels, the optimum solution is to adaptively match the rate of the error-correcting code to the prevailing channel conditions.A simple and(More)
— In ATM networks, fixed-length cells are transmitted. A cell may be discarded during the transmission due to buffer overflow or detection of errors. Cell discarding seriously degrades transmission quality. This paper analyzes a hybrid automatic repeat request/forward error control (ARQ/FEC) cell-loss recovery scheme that is applied to virtual circuits(More)
The astonishing performance of turbo codes attracted many researchers and this has resulted in an explosive amount of literature since their introduction few years ago. As turbo codes did not actually arise from applying a pre-existing theory, most of their outstanding features remain to be explained. This paper gives some explanation of the code(More)
The above paper, by Ali A. Al-Shaikhi and Jacek Ilow, claimed to have developed a tighter upper bound on post-decoding erasure rate for binary product codes by deriving the exact number of unrecoverable erasure patterns over some range of the number of erasures. We show that (Equations 9-12) are inaccurate, and hence the resultant tighter upper bound is(More)
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