Maalinii Vijayan

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As the first International Tables volume devoted to the crystallography of large biological molecules, Volume F is intended to complement existing volumes of International Tables for Crystallography. A background history of the subject is followed by a concise introduction to the basic theory of X-ray diffraction and other requirements for the practice of(More)
This paper describes an experimental study on the e€ect of tube diameter on the mechanism of ¯ooding in vertical gas±liquid countercurrent annular ¯ow. Flooding experiments were conducted with three different tube inner diameters, namely, 25, 67 and 99 mm with smooth inlet and outlet conditions for air and water. The results indicate that the mechanism of(More)
Knowledge of the molecular mechanisms involved in ionophore-mediated cation transport would be valuable for understanding many essential functions of biological membranes. Cations are transported in several stages, such as formation of the ionophore-cation complex, diffusion across the cell membrane and subsequent release of the cation. Several(More)
Experiments have been conducted on countercurrent ¯ow of air and water in tubes of 25, 67 and 99 mm diameter. Measurements of the pressure gradient, ®lm thickness and down ¯ow rate were made for a range of air and water ¯ow rates under pre-and post-¯ooding conditions. The data showed that the pressure gradient did not increase appreciably until just before(More)
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