Maaike de Boer

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OBJECTIVES Catastrophizing is often the primary target of the cognitive-behavioral treatment of chronic pain. Recent literature on acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) suggests an important role in the pain experience for the concepts mindfulness and acceptance. The aim of this study is to examine the influence of mindfulness and general psychological(More)
A common approach in content based video information retrieval is to perform automatic shot annotation with semantic labels using pre-trained classifiers. The visual vocabulary of state-of-the-art automatic annotation systems is limited to a few thousand concepts, which creates a semantic gap between the semantic labels and the natural language query. One(More)
Complex video event detection without visual examples is a very challenging issue in multimedia retrieval. We present a state-of-the-art framework for event search without any need of exemplar videos and textual metadata in search corpus. To perform event search given only query words, the core of our framework is a large, pre-built bank of concept(More)
Intelligence analysts have to work in highly demanding circumstances. This causes mistakes with severe consequences, which is the reason that support systems for intelligence analysts have been developed. The support system proposed in this paper assists humans by offering support that improves their performance, without reducing them in their freedom. This(More)
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