Maaike de Boer

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Complex video event detection without visual examples is a very challenging issue in multimedia retrieval. We present a state-of-the-art framework for event search without any need of exemplar videos and textual metadata in search corpus. To perform event search given only query words, the core of our framework is a large, pre-built bank of concept(More)
A common approach in content based video information retrieval is to perform automatic shot annotation with semantic labels using pre-trained classifiers. The visual vocabulary of state-of-the-art automatic annotation systems is limited to a few thousand concepts, which creates a semantic gap between the semantic labels and the natural language query. One(More)
In content based video retrieval videos are often indexed with semantic labels (concepts) using pre-trained classifiers. These pre-trained classifiers (concept detectors), are not perfect, and thus the labels are noisy. Additionally, the amount of pre-trained classifiers is limited. Often automatic methods cannot represent the query adequately in terms of(More)
Intelligence analysts have to work in highly demanding circumstances. This causes mistakes with severe consequences, which is the reason that support systems for intelligence analysts have been developed. The support system proposed in this paper assists humans by offering support that improves their performance, without reducing them in their freedom. This(More)
This paper presents an overview and comparative analysis of our systems designed for TRECVID 2014 [1] multimedia event detection (MED) and recounting (MER) tasks, including all sub-tasks for Pre-Specified (PS) event detection, all sub-tasks except 100Ex for Ad-Hoc (AH) event detection, and 010Ex sub-task for both PS and AH event recounting. Multimedia Event(More)
One of the challenges in Multimedia Event Retrieval is the integration of data from multiple modalities. A modality is defined as a single channel of sensory input, such as visual or audio. We also refer to this as data source. Previous research has shown that the integration of different data sources can improve performance compared to only using one(More)
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