Maahd Shahzad

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Obesity has become a worldwide epidemic. Qatar, a rapidly developing country in the Middle East, has seen a sharp increase in the prevalence of obesity. The increase can be attributed to several reasons, including sedentary lifestyles imposed by a harsh climate and the introduction of Western fast food. Mobile technologies have been used and studied as a(More)
The present study deals with measurement of indoor radon concentrations in dwellings of the district Poonch of the state of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. In this context, CR-39-based box-type radon detectors were installed in drawing rooms and bedrooms of 80 selected houses and were exposed to indoor radon for 3 months. After exposure, the CR-39(More)
OBJECTIVE To conduct a radon awareness survey to examine the level of awareness and risk perception of indoor radon exposure among the general public, medical students, and physicians of the state of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, given that long-term exposure to indoor radon increases lifetime risk of lung cancer and may pose a substantial threat to public(More)
Several epidemiological studies conducted on thousands of underground miners suggest that long- term exposure to high radon concentration can increase the risk of lung cancer. Keeping in view the importance of the subject, numerous studies throughout the world have been carried out to measure indoor radon concentration and its resulting doses at(More)
This paper describes the design of an experiment that tests the e↵ectiveness of mobile applications for a weight loss program. The mobile application combines three modules: a tailored text messaging service, a goal setting and progress monitoring support, and a social network setup to achieve the weight management goals. We describe the design of a(More)
—This paper presents a learning fuzzy controller which can adapt with changing performance requirements. During the past decade we have witnessed a rapid growth in the number and variety of applications of fuzzy logic ranging from consumer electronics and industrial process control to decision support system and financial systems. The fuzzy controller(More)
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