Ma'en Zaid Abu-Qamar

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Peer support has long been recognised as an essential component of a supportive network for people facing adversity. In particular, burn survivor peer support is a valuable and credible resource available to those rehabilitating from a severe burn. The aim of this study was to explore burn survivors' experiences of providing and receiving inpatient peer(More)
Burn rehabilitation is a lengthy process associated with physical and psychosocial problems. As a critical area in burn care, the aim was to systematically synthesise the literature focussing on personal perceptions and experiences of adult burn survivors' rehabilitation and to identify factors that influence their rehabilitation. Studies were identified(More)
Understanding reasons for the neglect of foot screening during the annual review of people with diabetes enables the development of solutions for this omission. This study explores the reasons within the context of health care delivery systems in terms of the professional, social, political and economic aspects of this screening. Information was obtained(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To explore the contribution of family members in promoting and supporting the self-management of chronic conditions amongst adult family members. BACKGROUND The prevalence of chronic disease continues to grow globally. The role of the family in chronic condition management and support for self-management has received little attention.(More)
Although studies have explored the 'lived experience' of burn survivors, little is known about their experiences encountered during rehabilitation. A descriptive phenomenological study was conducted to gain an in-depth insight into burn survivors' experiences' of acknowledgement and acceptance of their injury and the challenges experienced during their(More)
Clinical decisions in diabetes care are complex, because they cover a wide range of unrelated issues which are affected by varied contexts of healthcare providers from multiple disciplines. The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the extent to which evidence is used to underpin clinical decisions within the area of diabetes care. In order to do this, it(More)
Poor vision and poor pain sensation expose sufferers of diabetes to foot burn injuries. A phenomenological approach was used to illuminate the lived experience of those with diabetes who sustained foot burn injuries. Face-to-face unstructured interviews were conducted with seven patients recruited from health care facilities throughout Jordan. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine knowledge and practice of foot care among Jordanian patients with diabetes. METHOD An ethically-approved Arabic language questionnaire was used to interview participants recruited from five Jordanian governorates. Data was analysed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS version 16). Total scores for knowledge and(More)
This study examined employment planning and career preferences of final year nursing students in Jordan. Focus group discussions (n = 4) were conducted by the first author with a convenience sample of 27 nursing students. N-Vivo 9 was used to analyze the qualitative data. The analysis revealed two themes. The first theme focused on "moving from study to(More)