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OBJECTIVE It is suggested that one of the mechanisms for high pressure nervous syndrome (HPNS) is related to nervous cell membranous fluidity. Both pressure and fatty acid components of cell membranes would influence membrane fluidity. The present research probed into the relationship between different fatty acid components of brain cell membrane and(More)
Streaming media service is the representative and important service in 3G period. This paper describes the motivation, methodology, and characteristic of QualView system which is mainly used for monitoring the mobile steaming media service. QualView system is based on end-to-end QoS architecture and integrates many functions such as: end-user behavior(More)
Security protocols play more and more important role with the bursting development of Internet. Formal authentication is an effective way to detect flaws in those protocols. There are many automatic checkers for verifying protocols, but few can deal with digital signature protocols. This paper proposes a new tool for formal automatic verifying. It can have(More)
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