Ma Yuanye

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The accurate implantation of microelectrodes is a significant difficulty facing many neurophysiologists. This paper reports on a new method used to promote the precise positioning of electrode implantation through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), allowing both the relevant brain structure and the MRI-visible external markers anchored on the skull (in this(More)
  • Yu Shan, Wang Xiusong, Yu Fu, Zhang Jie, Ma Yuanye, Wang Yongchang +2 others
  • 2005
Visual function declines during normal aging [1]. The neural mechanisms underlying age-related changes have just begun to be revealed. It has been demonstrated that retinal ganglion cells and cells in dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus (dLGN) in old monkeys are relatively normal [1,2]. However, age-related functional degradations have been found at cellular(More)
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