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Preparation of carbon fibers from liquefied wood
Carbon fibers are prepared from liquefied wood by adding hexamethylenetetramine and soaking in a solution containing hydrochloric acid and formaldehyde as main components. Structure evolution ofExpand
Vertical quantitative and dominant population distribution of the bacteria isolated from the Muztagata ice core
Vertical distribution of the main bacteria isolated from the Muztagata ice core (about 22.4 m) was investigated by means of cultivation and 16S rRNA sequence analysis. The results showed that theExpand
Optimization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae culture in alginate-chitosan-alginate microcapsule
Microencapsulation is one of the promising methods for microorganism immobilization. The parameters of microencapsulation have impact on the growth and performance of microencapsulated microorganism.Expand
Erythropoietin pre-treatment prevents cognitive impairments following status epilepticus in rats
Selective neuronal loss is closely associated with cognitive impairments that occur following status epilepticus (SE). Our previous study suggested that erythropoietin (Epo) pre-treatment suppressedExpand
Polyelectrolyte microcapsules prepared by alginate and chitosan for biomedical application
This review highlights the progress in the structure and chemical properties of natural polysaccharides (alginate and chitosan) including gel formation, biocompatibility, biodegradability and mildExpand
Optimization of the cell seeding density and modeling of cell growth and metabolism using the modified Gompertz model for microencapsulated animal cell culture
Cell microencapsulation is one of the promising strategies for the in vitro production of proteins or in vivo delivery of therapeutic products. In order to design and fabricate the optimizedExpand
Size and strength of alginate-chitosan microcapsules in nonaqueous system
Immobilization technology is of potential in industrial application for improving activity and stability of biocatalyst in nonaqueous systems.Alginate-chitosan(AC)microcapsules as immobilizationExpand
Suppression of taxoid 14β-hydroxylase gene expression in Taxus × media via RNA interference.
Taxoid 14β-hydroxylase directs a side-route of taxol pathway that leading to a large number of 14β-hydroxy taxoid side products. A RNAi vector was used to suppress the expression of taxoidExpand
Research of E-Learning System Based on SOA
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a distributed software architecture model which use software resource as service on network, realize real platform independence and language independence. Expand