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The novel fuel injection intelligent control system for SYT240 test platform is introduced in the paper. The design principle is described, the system architecture of the fuel injection automatic testing system is presented, the fuel injection intelligent control system is realized on the basis of PC and AT89C52 single chip microcomputer, and the function(More)
  • Ma Xian-min
  • 2013 Third International Conference on…
  • 2013
In coal gas monitoring system, the early detecting of gas concentration is key technique for preventing the gas explosion because the coal gas signals are very weak under strong noise background in mining digging laneway. In this paper, the coal gas chaotic characteristics of the mine underground are analyzed, the Lyapunov exponent is used to judge the(More)
The coalmine gas hazard affected safety of China coalmine production most. As there were lots of complicated and uncertain factors during gas accidents emergency rescue and making decisions process, accurate decisions can not be drawn by mathematics models with present information monitored by the KJ series monitoring systems such as KJ90, so experiences of(More)
  • Ma Xian-min
  • 2010 3rd International Conference on Computer…
  • 2010
Coal gas outburst is very dangerous to mining workers, so the coal gas prediction and control in digging workplace are very important for safety production. In this paper, a novel the radial basis function (RBF) neural network gas prediction model is established to forecast the gas rush in coal workplace. The factors of producing gas are studied and the(More)
Based on immune algorithm a novel optimization design scheme of PID speed controller parameters is proposed for the coal mine gas monitored control system in this paper. The principle of Immune algorithm is introduced, and the strategy of PID controller parameters based immune algorithm is discussed. According to the response between antigen and antibody,(More)
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