Ma. Weinmann

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To easily find an unoccupied parking space in a large car park is a problem for many drivers. Thus it is useful to have technical solutions which can provide information on parking space occupancy. A new monitor system is described in the following. It is based on passive magnetic field sensors. It provides occupancy information for car park users and helps(More)
The fully automated analysis of 3D point clouds is of great importance in photogrammetry, remote sensing and computer vision. For reliably extracting objects such as buildings, road inventory or vegetation, many approaches rely on the results of a point cloud classification, where each 3D point is assigned a respective semantic class label. Such an(More)
In this paper, we address the classification of airborne laser scanning data. We present a novel methodology relying on the use of complementary types of geometric features extracted from multiple local neighbourhoods of different scale and type. To demonstrate the performance of our methodology, we present results of a detailed evaluation on a standard(More)
Due to ever more efficient and accurate laser scanning technologies, the analysis of 3D point clouds has become an important task in modern photogrammetry and remote sensing. To exploit the full potential of such data for structural analysis and object detection, reliable geometric features are of crucial importance. Since multiscale approaches have proved(More)
Existing ground movement surveillance technologies at airports are subjected to limitations due to shadowing effects or multiple reflections. Therefore, there is a strong demand for a new sensing technology, which will be cost effective and will provide detection of non-cooperative targets under any weather conditions. This paper aims to present a new(More)
Currently, enhanced types of active range imaging devices are available for capturing dynamic scenes. By using intensity and range images, data derived from different or the same range imaging devices can be fused. In this paper, an automatic image-based coregistration methodology is presented which uses a RANSAC-based scheme for the Efficient(More)
The faithful 3D reconstruction of urban environments is an important prerequisite for tasks such as city modeling, scene interpretation or urban accessibility analysis. Typically, a dense and accurate 3D reconstruction is acquired with terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) systems by capturing several scans from different locations, and the respective point(More)
Obtaining accurate 3d descriptions in the thermal infrared (TIR) is a quite challenging task due to the low geometric resolutions of TIR cameras and the low number of strong features in TIR images. Combining the radiometric information of the thermal infrared with 3d data from another sensor is able to overcome most of the limitations in the 3d geometric(More)
The Environmental Mapping and Analysis Programme EnMAP is a hyperspectral satellite mission, supposed to be launched into space in the near future. EnMAP is designed to be revolutionary in terms of spectral resolution and signal-to-noise ratio. Nevertheless, it will provide a relatively high spatial resolution also. In order to exploit the capacities of(More)
The automatic and accurate alignment of captured point clouds is an important task for digitization, reconstruction and interpretation of 3D scenes. Standard approaches such as the ICP algorithm and Least Squares 3D Surface Matching require a good a priori alignment of the scans for obtaining satisfactory results. In this paper, we propose a new and fast(More)