Ma Trinidad Villamil-Hernández

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Ergotamine has been used in clinical practice for the acute treatment of migraine for over 90 years. So far, it is known that ergotamine interacts with diverse receptors (including α1/2-adrenoceptors, 5-HT1, 5-HT2 and D2-like receptors) and that produces increases in mean blood pressure which are significantly blocked by yohimbine, a classical(More)
This study investigated in pithed rats whether dopamine can inhibit the sympathetic vasopressor outflow and analysed the pharmacological profile of the receptors involved. Male Wistar pithed rats were pre-treated with intravenous (i.v.) bolus injections of gallamine (25 mg/kg) and desipramine (50 μg/kg). The vasopressor responses to electrical stimulation(More)
It has been shown that α(2)-adrenoceptors mediate vasopressor responses in pithed rats. However, the corresponding α(2)-adrenoceptor subtypes have not been pharmacologically identified. Thus, this study set out to identify the specific subtypes (α(2A), α(2B) and α(2C)) mediating the vasopressor responses to the α(2)-adrenoceptor agonist, B-HT 933, by using(More)
It has been suggested that N,N-di-n-propyl-dopamine (dopamine analogue) decreased heart rate in rats through stimulation of dopamine receptors. Nevertheless, the role of prejunctional dopamine D1/2-like receptors or even α2-adrenoceptors to mediate cardiac sympatho-inhibition induced by dopamine remains unclear. Hence, this study identified the(More)
α2-Adrenoceptors were first described as presynaptic receptors inhibiting the release of various transmitters from neurons in the central and peripheral nervous systems. In vitro studies have confirmed that α2A, α2B and α2C subtypes inhibited noradrenaline release from postganglionic sympathetic neurons but no study has been reported their involvement in(More)
The sympathetic nervous system that innervates the peripheral circulation is regulated by several mechanisms/receptors. It has been reported that prejunctional 5-HT1A, 5-HT1B, 5-HT1D, D2-like receptors and α2-adrenoceptors mediate the inhibition of the vasopressor sympathetic outflow in pithed rats. In addition, ergotamine, an antimigraine drug, displays(More)
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