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The Newest R&D Progress of Transformer Oil with Petroleum Cycloparaffin Base in China
This paper introduced the establishment condition of transformer oil standard system in China and abroad, as well as the specifications of transformer oil of SIEMENS and ABB Company. The new productsExpand
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Analogy Method with Stable Side Shape to Predict Reservoir Side Rebuilding of Rock Shore
Reservoir side rebuilding is a major problem that often arises in hydraulic and hydroelectric engineering, but there are no effective methods to forecast quantitatively the reservoir side rebuildingExpand
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Effects of Maximum Instantaneous Wind Velocity on the Safety of High-speed Train and Its Control
Research purposes:It is great important to do the study on the risk classification of maximum instantaneous wind velocity for the safety of train running on passenger dedicated line. This paperExpand
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Primary Constructive Perspectives on the Legislation of Electronic Waste in Shanghai
Recently more and more attentions have been paid to the electronic wastes for their potential environmental pollutions. Based on the sorts of the electronic wastes and their potential environmentalExpand
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The analysis of allowable yield for Manzhuang groundwater field in Tai'an
Discuss the concept and the evaluating method about groundwater allowable yield,according to the principle of water balance,introduce trail-exploitation pumping test,calculate the allowable yieldExpand
The paper analyzes the influence of entering into WTO on the agricultural mechanization development of our country, puts forward corresponding measures and countermeasures to be adopted in the comingExpand
Application of Naphthenic Base Oil to Transformer
  • Ma Shu
  • Environmental Science
  • 2005
The functions of transformer oil are introduced. The characteristics of naphthenic base transformer oil are presented. They are compared with the characteristics of paraffinic base transformer oil.
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Probe into the Reasons of Repeated Burning of “Closing Coil”
This paper makes concrete analysis on the reasons of closing coil's burning in the course of comprehensive automatic reformation of substations,and puts forward two technical plans to solve thisExpand
The application of artificial diging piles on engineering
The application and cost of artificial digging piles on engineering, the measure and problem in the engineering of different geological structure were analysed. The local geological structure wasExpand
Adjustment of full-scale water supply control system during operation under lower load
For a thermal power generating set,the automatic adjustment of water supply during operation under low load is always the bottleneck for the realization of full-scale water supply automaticExpand