Ma Shaohua

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In this work, a general set of routines for multi-sensor fusion applied to a flexible link control system to reduce the effects of disturbance and the sustained oscillation in steady state is proposed. Since disturbance signals are tend to be introduced to control systems, it is necessary to rely on multi-sensor fusion to improve control performance in(More)
A power frequency insulation testing system of industrial computer-based on control, measurement and protection with testing voltage waveform analysis supplied the voltage from a testing transformer is presented. The whole testing process of power frequency withstanding voltage, breakdown and partial discharge test for high voltage electrical equipment can(More)
A novel multifunction integrated low voltage apparatus is presented in this paper. Although its appearance looks a contactor, its contact and arcing chamber is innovated and power electronic technology is tied with its electromagnetic system so as to improve effectively the apparatus's making and breaking current capability, furthermore, microcontroller is(More)
An intelligent circuit breaker with synchronous closing function based on DSP is presented in this paper. By which, the filtering algorithm based on Fourier algorithm is adopted in order to estimate the optimal reclosing angle so as to weaken the instantaneous current during reclosing circuit Based on the discussion of the digital signal processing(More)
A protection equipment of restoring over-voltage is presented based on theoretical analysis when a flashover of tested equipment occurs in power frequency insulation experiments, to which the testing voltage is applied from a testing transformer. The main circuit of protection equipment is a group of fast power electronics switches reversely paralleled on(More)
This paper develops Assistant-Parking system based on four-cameras and fuzzy logic controller, acquires the real-time information around vehicle and pre-parking space using wide-angle cameras, using vision perception system transform three-dimensional image of reality environment to top view, and offers driver the parking-controlling and real-time(More)
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