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The evolutionary history of TUBBY-like proteins (TLPs), which contain a highly conserved tubby domain, can be traced to the early stages of eukaryote evolution, on account of the identification of this gene family in organisms from single-celled to multicellular eukaryotes. While genome-wide structural and evolutionary analyses of the entire TLP gene family(More)
BACKGROUND The control of the systemic inflammatory response taking place during cardiac operations depends on adequate antiinflammatory reaction. In this prospective study we tested the hypothesis that cytokine balance during pediatric cardiac surgical procedures would be influenced by the patients' preoperative clinical condition, defined as hypoxemia or(More)
INTRODUCTION The use of moderate hypothermia during experimental cardiac surgery is associated with decreased expression of tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha in myocardium and with myocardial protection. In order to identify the cellular mechanisms that lead to that repression, we investigated the effect of hypothermia during cardiac surgery on both main(More)
Sex hormones have important interactions with the immune system and modulate the inflammatory response. In this regard, oestrogen inhibits the transcription of proinflammatory cytokines and confers tissue protection in experimental models. On the basis of this evidence, Trotter et al. in this issue of Critical Care addressed the question of whether, in(More)