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Mobile tagging is an extension of social tagging that allows users to associate location-sensitive information with physical objects in the real world. This paper presents MoTag, a mobile tagging application that is used to help people with disabilities share up-to-date accessibility information about buildings and other physical structures to help them(More)
Using the BrdU antibody technique followed by an immuno-chemical staining (BAT), the amplification of DNA fragments specific to human Y chromosome on cell specimen slides was efficiently detected. Whether direct BrdU incorporation into PCR products orin situ hybridization with PCR products on slides, the amplified target DNA fragments of specimen were(More)
Sex-reversed males with 45, XO and 46, XX are associated with patients carrying a small male-determining region-SRY gene of the Y chromosome, while some 46, XY females can be the result of SRY gene mutations on Y chromosome. Duplication of DSS gene on Xp21 can also cause 46, XY individual with normal Y chromosome and an intact SRY gene develops as(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss the necessity of MRI as a routine examination for diagnosis of glomus tumor. METHODS From Nov. 2013 to July 2014, 7 cases of glomus tumor were treated in our department. All patients had typical clinical symptoms of glomus tumor and received preoperative X-ray and/or MRI examination. The diagnosis was confirmed by postoperative(More)
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